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Anything that needed to be successfully achieved must have a guide to follow to make it an outstanding
Success without errors. So also is raising pigs successfully, you have to follow some significant rules.
From the site selection to Housing, to the breed of pig you want to raise etc. till it get to the final
consumer. Pigs are very sensitive to their environment. The care given to the pig will tell how successful
you will become in it. It is better to start with piglets so you can gather enough experience about how to
raise them properly.
Raising of Pigs successfully involves the following:
Site selection: Water logging, sloping land should be avoided. Such area must be accessible to the
markets with good roads and also must be kept away from predators so as to devour all your pigs and
thereby running into loss.
Housing: There are types of housing you can use to raise your pigs. There are intensive, semi-intensive
Systems that you can use to house your system. There are lots of dangers as to raising your pig on an
Extensive system, but this is not advisable because any havoc can easily occur to them. Either Intensive
or semi-intensive is the best option for housing a pig. Pigs are strong animal that can pull down any
house fencing if not strongly constructed.
Breeds of Pig: After site has been selected and housing done properly, then selection of breed to rear is
Another important aspect to significantly take into consideration. Depending on what you are raising
your pig for, so also you need to consider what kind of breed you will want because these breeds have
their peculiarities as to how well they perform. There are some breeds that are best at producing meat,
some are best at producing milk and some best at milk and meat production. So you have to know what
you want well enough to raise your pig before you can decide on which breed you want.
Diet: Pigs are omnivores animal that feed on both flesh and plant, but the pig farmer have to select
Rations of feeds that matches with the pig nutrient needs and intake from the suckling piglets, weaned
Piglets, to the growing ones and the matured ones. Depending on the stage of the pig will the ration of
feeds that will be given so as not to run at loss.
Health: Proper hygiene of the pigs is very important from the site selection, housing, diets etc. so as not
to cause illness to the pigs or even total death of the pig. On farm, first thing is to inspect round the pigs
to observe if there is no pig with any strange act and if there is, you have to separate such pig from
others and give proper health care to it. Preferably, you can hire a Vetinary Doctor for proper care of
your pigs.
If all this measures are put in place, it will put away disease and internal parasite from your pig.
They will be raised successfully without much stress and this would enable availability of appropriate


The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.- John F. Kennedy


Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.

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