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Goat Farming

What farmers need to know about goat farming?
Domestic and Commercial goat farming plays a gigantic role in the overall economic system of this
country. Goat meat is very popular throughout the country and has a high demand in cafeterias,
restaurants, hotels and any food production organization. The head of goat sells like hot cake in
catteries. Due to goat meats high demand and production, there is a great opportunity particularly in
establishing commercial goat farming business in Nigeria. It is a multi-purpose animal, you can produce
meat, milk, skin, fiber, manure etc. from the goats at the same time.
Benefits of goat farming
? The weather and climate of Nigeria is very suitable for goat farming
? It produces high quality of meat and milk for human consumption
? It is a multipurpose animal, you can produce meat, milk, skin, fiber, manure, etc. and every
products are marketable
? It is a source of employment
? Its initial investment for startup is very less
? It is the best source of earning extra income from foreign exchange
? You can easily raise 8-10 goats with the same place or feed needed for a cow
? Goat farming is very easy and simple that even the children and house wife can handle it
? Goat manure is a good fertilizers that helps to increase crop production
? Commercial goat farming in Nigeria can help to eradicate poverty in the country
? Goat farming gives people economic freedom and reduces economic crises and crime
? Usually, they are multiplied very fast by breeding which helps you not to buy goats in the future.
All you need to do is:
? Select a suitable farm location
This is very important because it has to be suitable enough to set up a pasture or grazing place.
You should select.
? Choose your goat breed
? Know and get a suitable(shed) housing structure
? Isolate the area with fences
? Feeding type: food and water selection
? Understand the goats behavior
? Understand and have thorough knowledge about breeding and maturity
The best breed of goat basically meant for production of milk and meat are:
? Jamnapari
This goats are beautiful and there genes are healthy. They are reared mainly for milk production.
They are mostly white or yellow mixed with grey patches. They lactate for more than 300 days per
year and they generate about 3liters of milk in a day. It is raised for meat also and its taste is
? Boar goat

This is the most popular breed in the world basically for meat, they have superb growth, good
resistance to heat and diseases, a very high fertility rate.
? Beetal
This is also known as lahori goat. It has a large body size so it is preferred for intensive goat
farming for both milk and meat
This reared for both milk and meat purpose, it is a small breed is not too common
? Osmanabadi
It is also reared for both meat and milk but it is popular for meat. Most of its bucks are horned and
thus, may not have horns
? Malabari
This goats shows early maturity and conceive in 8-10 months
? Jakhrana
This is also good for both milk and meat
? Sirohi
This types are highly resistance to heat, it is raise purposely for meat production and usually gives
birth twice in a year
? Surti
This are the most economical to rear. Very easy to manage. The female goats are usually bigger
than the male goats
? Goat milk
This is not very popular in western countries but it is extensively consumed in various other parts
of the world. It has a very high content of vitamins and proteins


The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.- John F. Kennedy


Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.

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