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Agriculture has been one of the major sectors in the world that cannot be put aside, it contribute to the
economy of most countries in the world. It has made the world what it is today by combining various fields
together like bringing together of fields like natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, food sciences etc . The
careers it has brought forth to the world are very numerous that it has been able to and will continue to put
smiles on the faces of people. Agriculture itself has brought livelihood to human in the world.
This livelihood it has brought has made it for the world to divide it into groups and pick one career or the other
from it. Agriculture which involves plants and animals, on these humans depend on. It has brought about
industries sector that change agricultural products into finished goods thereby creating careers in that sector.
Below are the careers Agriculture has brought:
Agricultural Consultant: This is one of the major careers in agriculture; they have vast knowledge about this
sector. Since agriculture is a vast sector, so also Agricultural Consultant are of different categories; there are
some that are specialist in the areas of plants, while some are in the areas of animals, some in technical areas of
agriculture etc. Consultants are specialist that gives advices on the management of agricultural related
Agricultural Scientist: These are specialist of agriculture that works in the laboratory conducting researches and
experiments and they bring about new improved ways of planting, they bring about cure and solution that are
facing farmer with their plants or animals.
Agricultural Engineering: Farming these days has gone beyond the use of holes, cutlasses and other crude tools
on the farm. Mechanization has been introduced into farming, this give rise for agricultural engineers to put into
consideration designing of machinery for commercial farmers, take part in the processing of food plants etc. that
will be of help to the farmers.
Extension Workers: They are agent, teacher, guide etc. that provide knowledgeable information to farmers to
make a successful farming. They also act as intermediary between the government and the farmers.
Entrepreneurs: These are owners or managers of agricultural businesses. They don’t focus on manufacturing
activities but gives more emphasis to trading of agricultural products like distribution and marketing of products
from agriculture.
Agro-Allied Industries: These are industries that depend majorly on agriculture for their raw materials to operate
on those raw materials and transform them into finished goods which now becomes useful for man to use.
Veterinary Doctors: As health is important to man so also it is important to animals. These are specialist in
performing health checks, diagnoses and treating of animals. They also prevent and control diseases in animals.
Agricultural careers can be utilized by anybody both old and young, but these careers involve training to be
successful in any of the careers. As it has been stated earlier, countless number of opportunities, careers is
associated to Agriculture. Apart from the ones listed above, there are also careers like: Forest Manager,
Horticulturist, Bee keeper, Wild life keeper, Botanist, Agronomist, Agricultural food scientist, Agricultural
middle-man, Integrated Farmer, Aquatic Ecologist, Soil scientist etc. Agricultural careers can never be exhausted.


The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.- John F. Kennedy


Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.

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