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Business Opportunities In Goat -Boer And Kahalari

These breed of goat is a breed of goat that started in South-Africa. They are breed of goat that is hardy, that adapt
to any kind of environment. It is one of the breed for the production of meat.
Raising this breed kid involved proper management of the ewe from the stage of pregnancy, before the kid is been
given birth to. The ewe (female goat) must be properly taken care of like the ration of nutrition given to her, her
health etc. so as to give birth to well-nourished kids. Mating at the early stage of the kid should be avoided, this
could cause a slow-down in their growth rate and even eventually cause problem of breeding again.
Every 18 days, the ewe is always on heat, a ram can then be introduced to the ewe and within 36 days, there
should be possibility of conception. After detecting that the ewe is pregnant, separate the ewe from the ram. The
gestation period of a ewe is 145 to 152 day (about 5 months). Few weeks before the ewe give birth; enough food
should be given to the ewe so as to avoid the kid been small, weak and also allow the ewe to produce enough
Immediately after the ewe gives birth to the new kid, you have to be there, to monitor the behavior. The umbilical
cord should be allowed to break naturally and also allow the mother to lick her kid clean and after birth provide
food for the ewe. Make sure that within the first hour of birth, the kid feeds from its mother since the milk from
the ewe contains higher percentages of nutrients and properties of body immune-building. And if you did not
allow the kid to feed from her mother (maybe in a case where the ewe does not have the ability to feed her kid
within first hour of birth), then you can bottle feed the kid with colostrum. This colostrum can be purchased from
animal feed store and can also be gotten from the ewe itself or from another goat, but it is better for you to allow
the ewe to raise and nurse the kid itself this will even reduce work on your part and they are healthier been raised
on the mother’s milk.
For the first seven to eight weeks, allow the kid to feed from the ewe’s milk after that you can make a transition of
the kid feed to another food. By 12 – 18 weeks, you can wean the kid from her mother, If after the first 10 days of
weaning the kid are not adding up weight, you can introduce creep feed ration to make them gain weight. The
baby goat needs a clean and a dry shelter house. Allow the kid to have enough grazing for at least 3 months after
Proper hygiene is very necessary when raising the kid. The most commonest disease that affect these breed of
goat are Contagious exthyma and Heartwater. Contagious exthyma causes small sores around the kid’s mouth,
and can be transmitted from the lamb to the udder of the ewe, where it can result in sores and mastitis and also
Hearthwater is spread by bont tick, its symptoms aretrouble with walking, convulsions, high fever, chewing
movement. These can be cured through using antibiotics for the goat and dipping.


The farmer is the only man in our economy who buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale, and pays the freight both ways.- John F. Kennedy


Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.

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